- One day Jason and Dave were putting on their French maid outfits when
they had a vision: "Let's make a giant toaster and hide in it!" Well
sir, zoning laws and a callous, uncaring society prevented the toaster
idea, so they decided to start one of those Rock And Roll bands.

Melody needed a discreet, well-paying job after the FBI Witness
Relocation Program moved her to the Pacific Northwest, so she became the
singer in the band (she wears a sun hat). And Tom had donuts.

And lo! Waylaid was born. A new band, conceived in Liberty, and
dedicated to the proposition that all people like to hide rutabagas
where the sun don't shine, Homeboy! Or something like that.

The band plays a funked-down mix of jazzified rock and roll that has a
little bit of soul. Actually, a moderate amount of soul. Oh hell, why