- - Thomas Waterworld III was born right here in the good 'ol Pacific Northwest back in the 60's. He's a Libra, which is a shame, because he's actually a Scorpio. "I tell my friends that I'm a Leo! Ha! You
should see their faces. Idiots."He is an avid nudist but only in the shower (sometimes the neighbors
have to "talk" to him, if you know what I mean). "I believe in Nature, in all of its disgusting, vomit-inducing forms."

Tom's hobby is disguising himself as a 300 pound scientist named " Dr. Perry C. Groinmeyer" and going to symposiums to mock 'real' scientists. Recently, he humiliated Dr. August R. Fletcher by loudly accusing him of "sounding like a dork" during Dr. Fletcher's sub-atomic particles speech.

Tom Fun Facts:
Tom's favorite food is "beige".Tom believes that aliens are real, and are not interested in us, but in our sandwiches.
Tom discovered while watching Oprah that after several self-inflicted blows to the head, he can speak Chinese.

Tom, on toast: "It's white. Then, it's suddenly
slightly brown. And I like that." Originally wanted to name the band "Ham And Eggs: Not Just For Breakfast" or "That's My Goiter, Friend".

Bio compliments of Richard Millhouse Nixon