Jason Kemp shortened his name from Jasonomengele Kemptojostalin-Goebbles after he and his family left "the old country" as he puts it. He soon realized as a child in a new country that "you Americans are delightfully soft, like the tendon of a rat's back leg after marinating it in it's own blood." Once, Jason tried to start a religion that centered on the act of ducking. He called it "The DivineChurch Of The Sacred 'Whoops' " but ran out of Commandments after "Thou Shalt Duck A Lot". Jason undergoes a nightly Ritual of Purification where he wears a fez cap, drinks 4 gallons of lemon water and thinks about current events. "It really puts things into perspective. The urinating, I mean. Per se."

Jason Fun Facts
Jason enjoys using food coloring and spray paint on the homeless.
Originally wanted to call the band "I Have Just Accidentally Swallowed
A Hammer: Please Alert The Media, My Good Man" or "Hey, Presto!".

Jason on world hunger: "You're damn right I do."

Jason on health issues: "I'm allergic to liquids."

Bio compliments of Richard Millhouse Nixon