David Larry Storch Johnson was born on the Feast of Rampal, on a farm in 1932. He lived a cheerful, happy childhood only occasionally marred by PSCs (Pet Spontaneous Combustion). But he learned early to "clean up the charred remains and move on" as they say.Dave once read a book entitled "Interesting and Edible Meats" and it inspired him. So he took up playing the drums.Dave enjoys hen strangling, lemming stuffing and often won the rousing games of 'Find The Teat' that he and his fellow zanies played during his years at Oxford. Dave was once told by a critic that he played drums like The Rev. Jim Jones makes Kool Aid'. After hearing that, he worked hard every nightto learn karate so he could beat the crap out of the critic. Then, he practiced a few more times on drums and became a star.

Dave Fun Facts:
Originally wanted to call the band either "Slurp The Entrails" or "The Kindlyfellows"
(with an umlaut over the 'o').Dave has actually been swoggled by a horn.

Dave's favorite Thomas Jefferson quote: "A man became a soldier, so that his son
could be a farmer, so that his son could be a poet, so that his son could buy a 'Fun Pak'."

Dave on politics:
"I like rutabagas. I really, really like them."
Dave is currently working on his first teen novel, which is
entitled Tender Beatings.

Bio compliments of Richard Millhouse Nixon